Build your contech unicorn

We've founded one contech unicorn, we're ready to invest in the next.


Build your contech unicorn.

We've founded one contech unicorn. We're ready to invest in the next.


Our thesis: building over betting

Choose an investor that concentrates their capital in a select few founders instead of betting on many.

Who we are

Unicorn founders and investors focused on construction tech

How we invest

Leading & syndicating pre-seed to Series B with checks between $250k- $10M

What we look for

Self-aware founders who act with grit & humility

Our firm: builders over investors

Partner with an investor who has built a contech unicorn rather than just tweeted about it.

Our process

Hear about our investment process

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Our team

Meet our team who’s ready to invest in contech unicorn

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Our portfolio

See the contech founders we’ve backed

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